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Today is the day. Surgery is this afternoon so I thought I should get today’s blog in before then.

I started this blog-a-thon to encourage some other bloggers and want to be better bloggers to write more. But I also started it for me. I started it to step out of my comfort zone and talk about some personal issues.

I failed

I gave you the facts and history. I kept blogging every day save for Christmas Eve and Christmas  Day.  But I did not get personal. They were not really about me, what I was feeling,  how I was reaching out to people and who was talking back.

What I found

I’ve searched for people tweeting about kidney stones and had a few conversations of encouragement from me. Usually asked some questions, but did not make any real sparks.  (People in pain are not real conversationalists.)

I’ve had conversations with @LeeAase , Director, Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. Even with the strong initiative that they’ve started at the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, there just are not a lot of doctors tweeting. If you’re a doctor, nurse or medical researcher reading this tweet me, I want to talk to you.  

Real Jewels of Twitter

Aside from @LeeAase, I wasn’t really able to make connections with the group of people I’d intended,

Here’s what I did find – One night I wasn’t sleeping because I was worried about the surgery, trying to cram in some last minute work. so I popped on twitter for a distraction. Saw a tweet from a friend and replied with a RT as he had done.

“Me too! RT @evanashenhurst: Me! RT @313Nick: Hey Twitter. Who’s still up?”

The three of us tweeted about random things, getting to know each other better.  I had a new person to follow that was interesting and fun, who then suggested I follow a friend of his he knew I would like: @AllisonNazarian  Another new person to follow.

Then it occurred to me this happens all the time on twitter. Someone RT’s you, someone else joins the conversation, and real connections are made.

This week I’m starting my new year off TODAY, by making healthier choices.  Today’s choice is really a clever switch.

It is important to reduce, not eliminate totally,  your fats and carbs if you are looking to maintain a healthier eating style. I hate the fad diets that starve you of good fats, and all carbs. (I’m a carbaholic!) 

Here’s a secret:

If you’re replacing water for soda, you increase water consumption and decreased carbs.  (Monday’s Post)

By replacing fries with carrots and celery, you increase your vegetable consumption and decreased your fats. (Tuesday’s post)

Do you find it hard to limit yourself? When it is a forbidden item, do you want it more?

If you start by slowly replacing the carbs and fats with great tasting fruits and vegetables, you will loose a portion of the desire for the bad foods. By simply focusing on adding, you will really be eliminating.  Why don’t you join me? Start today.

“The more frequently you write, the faster you’ll improve, and the stronger you’ll get.” (from Copyblogger)

  • I need to get better at writing
  • I need to be a better blogger
  • I am so not inspired to write
  • I don’t have enough ideas
  • I don’t have enough time

 If you want to be a blogger, but hid behind the excuse cloud, you can come out now. It’s ok. I will be right here with you.

That quote from Copyblogger is from a post in which he compares it to going to the gym.

I am going to get more specific and say aerobics class. We have all been there. Decided to go to aerobics and there is this cute little instructor that seriously worries you that her legs are going to snap if she starts jumping around. But then she does and so does everyone else. And you feel like a fish trying to dace at a performance of the NYC Ballet. Everyone else knows the moves and you… you’re just a cod standing there with your sweats on.

Ok. So the good news is that I am the one with the sweats on. I might be here all by myself. But you are welcome to jump on in here with me. And if you do, you won’t be alone. We will all be looking at that skinny instructor together and wondering if her legs are going to snap.

So take the 30 day blog a day blog-a-thon challenge with me. It is about building a habit, being creative and having people here to encourage and support you while you do it.  Are you with me?

HA! The latest article in the Hootsuite blog is called Migration Season. So it was no surprise, we knew it was coming. Well Hoostuite thought we knew.  It seems that the new PRO announcement was not heard by some. I woke up to be given a deadline, keep the free plan or pay $6 a month for the PRO plan that won’t give me some of the features that I personally use often within the Hootsuite platform.  If I want all the features I use, I have to get the enterprise plan at $1500 a month. Ok, that’s for 30 people, but I only need it for 2, so no options for me. I guess I can do what the article suggests, I can migrate to another platform.

On a side note, that post said “Since announcing the premium plans back in August of 2010, we’ve listened closely to your feedback and suggestions to ensure that we could tailor the plans to meet your different requirements and to ensure that the key features are as affordable and available as possible.”

Looking at their twitter accounts, it doesn’t feel like they are listening. They are responding, but not LISTENING. When someone asks a question they answer it, but it feels very upsellish. “We appreciate your feedback. We’ve made it as affordable as possible for advanced functionality”.

I realize that the team at Hootsuite has done an amazing job on a limited budget. I don’t mind if they sell some ad space and feed it to me. I’m not really happy as you can tell, but I have not totally given up on Hootsuite.

Tell me what you think, and if you’re migrating away, please share where you’re going so we can all visit and see if it is somewhere we’d like to stay.

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