This is the second time this week I’ve had to remove a post from It appears to be a new social referral type network. Except that this network asks you to interface with your Facebook account. Once you allow this app permission within your Facebook, it sends out spam messages to all your friends.

This particular feature of this social network has been slammed by bloggers, tweeters and Facebook pages. The company has addressed several of those blogs and said it would correct this spamming feature. I still however receive these spam type messages.
     But I won’t anymore.

How to Block Applications

As with any application that you do not wish to allow your friends to publish to your wall, you can block that application. You simply find a wall post from the application you wish to block. If you hover to the right of that post, you will see an X.

When you click the X, you will be given an option to remove the post, block the application, or block the user. If you simply remove the post, the next time someone posts one of these spam posts, you will have to remove it again. If however you choose to block the application, that application will no longer be able to post on your wall.

A Newer Threat

I have also received a notification from an unknown person that I was made administrator on a fan page. The latest one was for “apple ipad2 test and keep.” The previous one was for “Ipad 2 research”

If you receive notifications from an unknown person, do not click the notification. If you try to click the name of the person to see who they are it will only take you to that page where you are not an administrator. Once you’re there pop-ups begin, and your computer may very well may be infected. Change your password. Run a virus scan.
There’s not much out about this new notification spam.

As Facebook adds more vigilant ways to block spam and Facebook hacks, the creators of these annoyances will continue to be more creative.

Be careful and be alert.