My dear Twitter friend and fellow social media entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant, Chris Husong is participating in the Audi twitter contest. If he win’s he will be awarded $25,000 to a charity on his behalf.


You can read more about this contest at Mashable.

I would love to see my friend win this contest. If we are friends, even if we are not, can you please help him out?


You can help Chris get the money for his cause in 3 ways:

1. Re-tweet his tweets,  with the #oldwatch and #progressIs hashtags.

2.View this TwitPic: (additional points if people comment on the pic with the #oldwatch and #progressIs hashtags. )

3. Write you own blog about this contest.



Why would you want to do this?

  • Because I am asking you as my friend to help a fellow friend.
  • Because this is a great cause.
  • Because this is a a fun and interesting way for a brand to get people talking, and to do so for social good.
  • Because I said please.

Thank you!