This week I’m starting my new year off TODAY, by making healthier choices.  Today’s choice is really a clever switch.

It is important to reduce, not eliminate totally,  your fats and carbs if you are looking to maintain a healthier eating style. I hate the fad diets that starve you of good fats, and all carbs. (I’m a carbaholic!) 

Here’s a secret:

If you’re replacing water for soda, you increase water consumption and decreased carbs.  (Monday’s Post)

By replacing fries with carrots and celery, you increase your vegetable consumption and decreased your fats. (Tuesday’s post)

Do you find it hard to limit yourself? When it is a forbidden item, do you want it more?

If you start by slowly replacing the carbs and fats with great tasting fruits and vegetables, you will loose a portion of the desire for the bad foods. By simply focusing on adding, you will really be eliminating.  Why don’t you join me? Start today.