I’m so glad that I can call Bonnie Schnautz my friend. I’ve only been to a few events where she spoke, but they were great! She has had a big impact on my thought processes and my recognition of CHOICES.

I’m not going to resolve to lose weight this year. (Although that would be great.) I’m going to start my new year off TODAY, by making healthier choices.  Why wait?

I’m starting with WATER. WATER, WATER, WATER!!!! You should be drinking at least 8-10 glasses a day. Not juice, milk, coke, Kool-Aid, lemon-aid… just water! Do you really consume that much water daily?

If you set this as your goal to achieve every day right off the bat, do you know what is going to happen?

You will fail

Maybe not the first day, maybe not the second, but when you do here’s what will happen…

“Man, this is too hard! Nobody can do this, I’m not even going to try.”

Do you think marathon runners start off running 26 miles a day? No. They start slowly, with 1-3 miles the first week.

Why don’t you join me? Start today. Add 1 glass of water. At dinner, or lunch ask for water, not soda.  Continue to add only 1-2 glasses to your normal intake for a week.