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What makes you happy?

 Really happy?

Do you do it?

Do you do it enough?

So often in life we spend too much time doing things we hate, thinking we will be rewarded at some point.

For some people,  that works. They perform well in school, go to college, maybe post-grad, and are “successful” people.

For some there’s a twist that loops into an infinite cycle like a Moebius strip. They work nonstop, pull over time, and take work home. They’re trying to get by and to give to their family the things they think they deserve.

The flip side of this is what does their family want.  Ask them.  Do you know what they want more than toys, or nice cars?


 Time with you.  And if you think about it, what makes you happy?  Spending time with your family is probably at or near the top of the list.

This year don’t resolve to make more money or save enough to go on the dream vacation.

Make a promise to spend more time with your family, with your children. Take the time to play games and sit on the floor and play Barbie.

What you will accomplish for yourself, and for the world, is a more peaceful place in the long term.

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