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No seriously. I am a real person on twitter. I love to have conversations on facebook. I talk about a variety of things in my life, not just about my business.  But I have a few “off the wall” subjects.  These are things I hold to as private and I just don’t feel the need to share.

One of these topics is health. I don’t with the exception of my toe, which was not thought out, tweet or post about my health. I might mention a cough or a headache, but not much else.

So here goes. I am getting real. Real personal for me. I am going to take the next 30-45days to do a few different things.

I am going to blog daily. This is a technique I have seen others use or suggest to help build the blogging habit and to help overcome the fear of content creation. *I encourage you to join me in this 30 day blogathon. You can blog about whatever you want! I am going to need the reading material! J

I am going to blog and tweet about a health matter from the point of the patient.  So Medical fields are more and more jumping into the world of Twitter, Facebook, and youtube to get better connected with their patients.  But here is the thing; patients have been here for a long time. They find each other and use Social Media as a world wide support system.  For the next 30-45 days I am going to actively seek and have conversations with other people that are going through the same or similar situations, as well as doctors in general and doctors in the field, nurses and researchers.

I am going to try to keep a good attitude. <– That is not a promise, just a goal. This is going to be a tough journey for me physically. But mentally to open up and share what I am going through is going to be just as tough. My friend Stacey Shanks who teaches Yoga is always encouraging me to stretch. I in turn am making her stretch mentally.  So now it is time for me to do as I say and hit the downward dog with my brain.  Because she is doing the Blog-a-thon with me , it will be easier to keep the attitude in check. 

I am going to encourage others. I am going to challenge others to do this blog-a-day with me to be a better writer. I’m going to post tips, tricks, recommend books and tweeple to help us all get through this process.

Please comment on this and let me know if you want to join me (include your twitter handle and a url to your blog.)  I will update this post with the people who are on this journey with me.

Name                                                            Blog

Stacey Shanks                        


 Zachary Long                         

Shanna Hall                              

Bonnie Schnautz                     

 Paula Diaco                             

Jennifer Tallini                      

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