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“The more frequently you write, the faster you’ll improve, and the stronger you’ll get.” (from Copyblogger)

  • I need to get better at writing
  • I need to be a better blogger
  • I am so not inspired to write
  • I don’t have enough ideas
  • I don’t have enough time

 If you want to be a blogger, but hid behind the excuse cloud, you can come out now. It’s ok. I will be right here with you.

That quote from Copyblogger is from a post in which he compares it to going to the gym.

I am going to get more specific and say aerobics class. We have all been there. Decided to go to aerobics and there is this cute little instructor that seriously worries you that her legs are going to snap if she starts jumping around. But then she does and so does everyone else. And you feel like a fish trying to dace at a performance of the NYC Ballet. Everyone else knows the moves and you… you’re just a cod standing there with your sweats on.

Ok. So the good news is that I am the one with the sweats on. I might be here all by myself. But you are welcome to jump on in here with me. And if you do, you won’t be alone. We will all be looking at that skinny instructor together and wondering if her legs are going to snap.

So take the 30 day blog a day blog-a-thon challenge with me. It is about building a habit, being creative and having people here to encourage and support you while you do it.  Are you with me?

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