Be nice today and every day. Take this challenge. No need to sign up or sign on, just tell yourself you’re willing to do it and challenge yourself to be better.


 Be nice to others and show you care.


  •  Post on other people’s walls or @mention them on twitter. Tell them something nice about their personality, congratulate on a milestone, wish happy birthday – or unbirthday
  • Comment on peoples posts. LISTEN to what people are saying and respond in a way that shows you care about them.
  • Share links or RT posts that help spread community events, or news.

 How long?

 I know you already don’t have time to do what you’re doing now. Do you have a purpose and a plan for what you are currently doing? Then take this plan. Take 10-15 this morning, every morning and be nice to others.


  •  Do not post anything about you, your company or what you are selling.
  •  Have fun
  •   Be nice!!

” A tiny spark can turn into a towering inferno… imagine what a little love and compassion can do.” Anonymous