I recently went to a conference and met a very interesting lady. She had bling on her glasses and bling on her shirt. She was a very energetic person and I liked her instantly. With the large amount of people that I was meeting I was having a difficult time remembering names, so I called her 

  She owns Embroidme Baltimore, and at her shop. They make customized “bling” apparel.

We had several conversations about how that process takes place and I was instantly fascinated. But what I really liked was her ability to be who she was always. She let her character and personality shine even with her choice of clothing, eyewear, footwear, and handbags.

 I encourage people with social media to be who they are.

 Sometimes people tell me they keep two Facebook profiles. One profile for family and friends and one profile for business associates. Often find this is not a good practice, as the person who is truly good at networking and building relationships in the community, and within their businesses find that the line of who is their friend, and who is a business acquaintance is very often blurry. Just have one and be who you are.

 I was very delighted to receive a package in the mail yesterday.

 I opened it, standing next to my mother-in-law. When she saw the contents she instantly said, oh. Is that from Sparkles?

 Her ability to be herself on an off-line carried over into my conversations on and off-line to the point that my mother-in-law knew exactly who my package was from without looking at the name.

 No matter what your business or what you’re selling. The bottom line is you have to sell you first. To do that, you want people to recognize your name in association with a particular character trait, feeling, emotion, product, or ____.  (You fill in the blank. )

 As you make your next status update ask yourself:

  What does this statement picture or link say about me?

 Thank you Allison… Now I don’t have to wait till I am a Billionaire.

“Every time I close my eyes,

 I see my name in shining lights”