In a recent blog by David HuffmanIt’s Showtime and It’s Not ALL about Musicianship ,  he described candidly his musical abilities in such a way that made you believe his musical talents will not be winning him a Grammy- this year. Instead, he focused on his ability to handle a crowd. He was quick to point out that you do need to work on your instruments and songwriting, but begged his readers: “do not discount your ability to rock a party.  It really is a skill that some of the best musicians will never master. “

Let’s apply this to social media. I don’t care if you’re selling beans or real estate. If you’re in B2B or B2C, this applies to everyone using social media for business or personal branding.

He went on to question that even if you can play your notes perfectly can you:

  • choose a song that matches the crowds current flow.
  • handle that heckler standing up front flipping you off.
  • recognize when the crowd is ready for more.  Or when they’re done.
  • understand the value of a very well placed cover song.


I would ask, can you:

  • engage in conversations
  • take criticism and or complaints and deal with them publicly, rather than shoving them under the rug and deleting comments
  • add value to the local community 
  • understand the value of giving credit to other people


I always encourage people to learn about the social media platforms, and to watch and learn from other people. But I also encourage them to jump in there and try, especially where Twitter is concerned. Dave comments about musicians who are held back because of their perceived or real lack of skills on their instrument.

I see this in social media too. People don’t think they quite get it; they don’t feel like they totally understand every aspect. So they either ignore it, or they only watch. It is almost like they are intimidated.

Just as Dave has seen people with lackluster talents turn the show “into  a rockin’ good time,“ I have seen people jump right in who don’t quite get all the aspects, ins and outs  of social media. I have watched them build relationships, have conversations, and build their business and brands with immense success.

“So please don’t underestimate yourself based off your musical prowess, “ …or your ability to re-tweet, at mention or share.  

“Just continue to work on your weaknesses and play to your strengths – duck your head down and buckle up for the long haul.

Do that and you’ll be alright.  I promise ya.”

Dave will be one of three people on a panel discussion at this month’s social media club. Be sure to check him out!