I had the privilege to see Steve Radick twice during his visit to Indiana, when he spoke at USI’s “The Impact of Social Media of Communications”  

Below are some of the nuggets I pulled from the keynote address:   

 (And video of the entire presentation is below the nuggets)   

  • Be aware of your personal brand 100% of the time. Physical or online.
  • @garyvee– told me “Be you 100% of the time.” :: Don’t have 2 profiles.  Be comfortable with who you are.  Be self aware.
  • Relationships matter.
  • Be good to people.
  • I can teach you twitter, I can’t teach you basic communication principles.
  • No excuses. You had the opportunity to do it, and you didn’t.
  • If you’re a bad person. Get good or get offline.
  • Stop throwing your business card at me!
  • Twitter is a valid communications medium. The white house uses it….
  • For 100s of hundreds of people have fought to have a voice. Now you can start a blog, and you’re not taking a part of it. You have a say in how your brand is represented, and you’re not using it! (SoMe)
  • Advertising is not about eyeballs. It never should have been about eyeballs. It is about doing something. It is about engagement.
  • “but twitter is not a creditable source. “ No but the person who wrote it is.
  • The lines of PR and customer service are merging. You have to become a company the treats its customers and employees w/ respect.
  • Stop worrying about eyeballs and start caring about people. 
  • Ask for forgiveness not permission.