Many people search for peace. People look to other people for peace. People look to places for peace, and people look to institutions for peace

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a people person. I believe in surrounding yourself with people that encourage you, guide you, and inspire you. And I think there is peace in certain relationships.

 I have personally sought peace in places. I moved to the desert, seeking a peace that I felt there when I visited. Some people take spiritual journeys to places that they feel hold some sort of key to finding their peace: places like the great wall or Jerusalem. I believe sometimes peace can be found in following your heart to the places that it leads you.

Some people seek peace in institutions of religion, institutions of military and institutions of education. I truly believe that of all the places that we actually seek to find peace, perhaps within a religion or ideology are the places that we come closest.

But today I met Peace. Quite literally: I actually met a man whose name was PEACE.


That was my first reaction. But on the way home I got to thinking about the phrase that I shouted out after I met him.

 “I found peace!”

Do we really find it? I’ve known so many people that continually seek and are forever on this journey. They seek and they seek, but they’ve never found peace. I’ve known people who always seem at peace, no matter the situation. Many of those I know would say that peace comes from their religious beliefs. But I would like to consider that even further, especially to those who seek in terms of religion. Did you seek peace and find it? Or did it find you and introduce itself to you? Think about it, if you’re one of those people, can you look back and say: I met peace on that day and he has ben my friend ever since? I just met this person today, and maybe we will be friends, maybe not. But he did make me realize that far too often we seek peace, when we simply need to say, nice to make your acquaintance.