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Many people search for peace. People look to other people for peace. People look to places for peace, and people look to institutions for peace

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a people person. I believe in surrounding yourself with people that encourage you, guide you, and inspire you. And I think there is peace in certain relationships.

 I have personally sought peace in places. I moved to the desert, seeking a peace that I felt there when I visited. Some people take spiritual journeys to places that they feel hold some sort of key to finding their peace: places like the great wall or Jerusalem. I believe sometimes peace can be found in following your heart to the places that it leads you.

Some people seek peace in institutions of religion, institutions of military and institutions of education. I truly believe that of all the places that we actually seek to find peace, perhaps within a religion or ideology are the places that we come closest.

But today I met Peace. Quite literally: I actually met a man whose name was PEACE.


That was my first reaction. But on the way home I got to thinking about the phrase that I shouted out after I met him.

 “I found peace!”

Do we really find it? I’ve known so many people that continually seek and are forever on this journey. They seek and they seek, but they’ve never found peace. I’ve known people who always seem at peace, no matter the situation. Many of those I know would say that peace comes from their religious beliefs. But I would like to consider that even further, especially to those who seek in terms of religion. Did you seek peace and find it? Or did it find you and introduce itself to you? Think about it, if you’re one of those people, can you look back and say: I met peace on that day and he has ben my friend ever since? I just met this person today, and maybe we will be friends, maybe not. But he did make me realize that far too often we seek peace, when we simply need to say, nice to make your acquaintance.

We’ve all done it, made New Year’s resolutions year after year, only to see them fail within the first month. I did it, but this year, I thought about why I made the resolution, and why I failed.

My resolution? To discontinue the service of website work for our company. The preparation for this was started in October or November of last year. I slowly found new vendors for all my current website clients. I knew I had one website still going as a work in progress. I was not going to count that as a failure, but when that website was done, there would be no more new website clients.

 Yesterday, I said yes, instead of no. So, on January 6, 2010 less than one week after the resolution was made, I FAILED.

So I got to thinking, why did make that resolution? That would help me figure out why I failed. I chose to discontinue website maintenance for 2010 , because I don’t love it. I love much of what I do. I’m passionate about much of what I do. But I found myself repeatedly, not happy, while working on websites. Life is too short to not be doing what you love. So why did I say yes?

I think the answer is because they needed help. I mean, everyone that calls me needs help, in one way or the other, but somehow I felt compelled to say yes. As a mom who has a tendency to be caring and giving above and beyond what I’m capable of sometimes I saw a need that I had the skills to fill.

I wonder how many moms out there, do the same thing. Their school, their work, their church all asked them to do things that they know that they have the skills to do without thinking, if they have the time or the energy in which to complete these tasks efficiently.  If you have skills that you are good at, but that you don’t love say NO.

 Life is too short to not be doing what you love.

Years resolution take number two:

Do what you love to do, and do it well.

 If your just “playing with it” for your business, you’re playing with FIRE!  You have to realize a few things about social media and the business world.

You’re out there and people are talking about you

  I have business owners and sales reps tell me all the time, I don’t want to get involved in that stuff, like it is some illegal activity.  But, truth is, they ARE involved.  Customers and staff alike are on some form of social media AND they either refer to or claim an association with their business…YOUR business.  They are talking about your business and representing your business. Do you know what they are saying? Can you thank them and commend them, or can you defend your honor and deflect harsh words? You can’t if you continue to deny the fact that you’re  involved in social media.

You need a Social Media Goal

If you have a facebook page, a twitter account, a youtube, and/or a linkedin page, and you don’t have a plan and a goal, you’re wondering aimlessly in the desert. You might be fine for awhile but you need to have a clear sence of direction.  This is the New Year.  Instead of resolutions, set clear defined goals for your business social media presence.

You really NEED a Social Media Policy

If you choose to remain “uninvolved” in social media and you have any employees, you need to, at the very least, have a social media policy, and maintain some means of monitoring them.  (You need to know what they are saying and doing while representing your business.) You need this if you choose to be an active participant too.  No matter what you do with social media in 2010 a social media policy is a MUST!

Social Media is a powerful tool that can be use to make a marked difference in both your business profitability, and your brand reputation, but it is a double edged sword. So all of  you without a social media policy or goal: good luck with your tightrope walk, over fire, while eating a sword!

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