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Yeah… remember that one?

That was my very first computer.  I was recently asked to go to our local public radio station, 88.3FM  WNIN and record a bit for the “Plugged In”  show. Plugged In is a weekly technology show. They discuss technology news and topics with a focus on how they affect our daily lives.

They have a segment called “Ye Old Tech”.  I went in to tell about my Commodore 64 and came out with the realization that this gift may very well have been the gift the turned me geek – for life.   Enjoy…

Listen to it Here: Commodore-64


 Doctors sometimes have a hard time being the patient. After they have the experience they usually have more compassion toward their patients.

I had recently upgraded my main work computer to a custom built machine to run all the programs I need to run (all at once). I Love my new machine. My machine has suffered an anomaly and is not functional at this time.

I PREACH to my clients, friends and family:: BACK UP YOUR DATA!!! I now have a new message. If you, for your business run any sort of industry specific software that has specific requirements of your hardware, and you can’t function without that software, then get a secondary machine that is capable of running that software. I have my data backed up. And I can do the day to day things, but I have several applications that are on hold.

 So about that compassion. I am also the last one to get tech help. I extend the knowledge base and service of my team out to my customers to ensure that their networks are running, that new systems we are setting up are on schedule. At the end of the day, whatever time is left… has been dedicated to the diagnosis and repair of my machine.

To my customers who have lost data, and whose work and life was on hold while data recovery was executed…

To my customers who have lost hardware, and whose work and life was on hold while we waited for parts to come…

To my customers who have lost network components, and whose work and life was on hold while we waited for outside vendors…

To anyone who has suffered because of a loss of technology that had become a additction…

I feel your pain…I understand.. I have a greater compassion for you.

Why are you here?

Did you forget you were supposed to be changing the world?

I saw @JamesBurns speak earlier this month. He talked about some BIG ideas. He shared a video that asked those questions and he really made me think about my passions.  The next day I had the honor to meet and hear @SuzyWelch speak. She asked 3 questions at the beginning of her talk that I could not answer. Later she talked about knowing the answers to those questions:  knowing what your VALUES are, knowing who you were,  knowing what belief structures fueled your decisions.  That brought me back to my passions.

What are they? Why do I have them, why do I feel driven to them, why do I find time to pursue them, and leave no time for me? What is it about them that makes me passionate? As I look to answer these questions for myself, I look now to you too and ask…

Why are you here?

Did you forget you were supposed to be changing the world?  <– Watch the Vid that sparked this search for passions.

The first step:

I’m not a blogger. I keep telling myself this. I know about it, I encourage others to find their voice, I love to talk, I love to share, so why then am I not a blogger?

The answer is probably many things. Afraid, is the first one that comes to mind. Afraid I will say something stupid, afraid I will hurt a feeling, afraid I will be found out to be human, and not perfect… Afraid to try.

 So today is the day I say “hello world: I am Dana M. Nelson. Human extraordinaire, about to dive into the world of sharing my passions, my knowledge and misadventures with you!

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